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At LutherSales, you are more than your credit score

We will help you build and improve your credit.

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We want to say YES… and often do when others don’t. Even if you have been previously turned down by others for credit, give us a try. We will provide you with an answer almost instantly, so you can start your Buy Now Pay Later shopping right away.

Use our Free Personal Shoppers to assist you whenever you want. We even buy products Not Found on our website and finance them for you. We can use work history when approving applications. Your job can be your credit at LutherSales! Together, we can make online shopping happen for you and your family.

LutherSales offers customers the ultimate in buying power. Our online shopping credit plans allow you to get what you want, or need now, and finance it with low monthly payments. LutherSales has hundreds of products including computers, laptops, furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, and much more… we make it easy to Buy Now Pay Later while using our personalized online shopping credit line program.

We believe that our Customer Service, Easy Credit Purchase Process and Buy Now Pay Later Shopping Plans are better than our competition. This is why tens of thousands of customers have chosen to do business with the LutherSales team, and use our Buy Now Pay Later Solution. We can help you select the exact products that meet your needs. We are your Personal Shopper! Our knowledgeable staff takes a personal care approach to helping you obtain the buy now pay later shopping credit line required to make your purchase. We can often say “Yes” when others say “No”

Our Buy Now Pay Later Plans are Unique to You.

Our Buy Now Pay Later Specialists walk clients through each step in the buying process to ensure that they feel comfortable and obtain the personal service everyone deserves.